We believe that the houses are nourished by a terroir and that our role is to protect this heritage by making it part of our time. Modern architecture and interior design must always be at the service of the place and those who will inhabit it, they must respect them. The quest for beauty in a designer house should never make us forget function, comfort, and the relationship with the surrounding nature.

Plans for an architect’s house are first studied with clients, but our role is also to offer innovative solutions in terms of arrangements or materials. When we use technology, we want it to be forgotten in favor of simplicity. Modern materials must combine with organic and light textures, with the warmth of wood or leather which takes on a patina over time, and coatings which seem straight from the land of the region.

We always try to enrich the interior decoration with authentic pieces of furniture, antique furniture that become like familiar objects, as if they had always been there. We put the best craftsmen to work and like to collaborate with artists to create exceptional, sometimes monumental, works to highlight the volumes.

Our architectural firm and our interior design agency based in Switzerland have carried out the largest contemporary architecture projects in homage to modernist architecture. With our agency based in the heart of Provence, we create places to live and luxury resorts, dream homes to live with family and receive friends, in an exceptional natural setting, by the sea or in the hinterland.

Atelier K architecture & design